Artificial Intelligence is no longer just for the tech giants.

As AI becomes more widely adopted, we encourage our clients to bravely embrace it.

AI is now permeating every aspect of our lives, as it is employed to augment various products and services, from providing reliable diagnoses in healthcare to addressing the problem of food waste within residential  households.

An image showing a screen shot of the Healthily mobile app

Health Apps & AI Diagnosis

Over the past year, a multitude of AI-controlled healthcare apps have emerged in the market, driven by the demand for prompt and effective diagnoses and recommendations.

Healthily, a leading healthcare app, offers a comprehensive approach to sexual health using AI. The app utilises AI to gain specific insights about the user’s concerns, enabling personalised advice and sharing relevant resources to address health issues.

By transparently explaining the AI’s role and providing access to trusted partners, Healthily ensures users feel confident and empowered throughout the process and offers fast treatment recommendations.

An image of the Kai app interface

Secure Banking Apps & Conversational AI

Digital-first banks have revolutionised the industry, and Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, KAI, has played a significant role in this transformation.

KAI allows banks to build their own chatbots and virtual assistants, providing customers with a seamless banking experience.

By incorporating AI reasoning and natural-language understanding, KAI handles sophisticated financial queries while ensuring data security. Banking institutions such as Liv.

DBS Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and TD have successfully deployed KAI to enhance customer interactions and simplify banking processes.

Childcare Apps & AI Assistance

In the realm of childcare, AI-powered apps offer valuable support to parents. Muse, a mobile app powered by AI, focuses on developing traits that predict better life outcomes for children, such as emotional intelligence and self-control.

Muse aids parents in fostering resilience in their children, emphasising that AI should supplement rather than replace human connection.

Bosco, another AI-powered childcare app, assists parents in identifying and preventing digital threats to their children.

By considering various factors like age, gender, and culture, Bosco’s AI constructs an expected online behaviour profile based on the child’s usage history and personal circumstances.

This approach helps overwhelmed parents effectively monitor their child’s online activities.

Sustainability in the Food Industry

Born from a frustration about how much food is wasted in the UK every year, The Yellow Sticker Cookbook, an innovative AI-powered product, addresses food waste while providing affordable meal options.

Developed by Uncommon Creative Studio, this cookbook helps users create delicious meals using ingredients from reduced aisles in grocery stores. By leveraging AI algorithms, the Yellow Sticker Cookbook suggests recipes based on available ingredients, reducing waste and ensuring everyone can enjoy a good meal.

“AI’s reach extends well beyond Big Tech. There is so much potential to improve customer experience and efficiency, regardless of company size or sector.”

— Daniel Henderson, Managing Partner, Athlon

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