At Athlon, we’re dedicated to mentoring and making space for the talent that will shape the future of digital design and technology.

We were delighted to get involved in this year’s BIMA’s Digital Day. As the only initiative of its kind, BIMA’s Annual Digital Day provides 11-16 year-olds with a glimpse into the world of digital careers.

Students have the opportunity to engage with digital experts, as they take part in a sponsored nationwide digital challenge, vying for a chance to secure £500 cash for their school and some fantastic prizes for themselves.

This year, we had the pleasure of partnering with Ursuline High School in Wimbledon. Myself and Designer, Louisa went along to support 10 students through the assigned task.

This year, Vue Cinema presented a challenge on the growing impact of streaming sites on their market share.

The Challenge

How can Vue use technology and digital solutions to incentivise more young people to choose cinema over other entertainment sources.

BIMA Digital Day

Students immersed themselves in their ideas, and it was great to see the diverse and innovative approaches they brought to the table.

Louisa and I guided them through various exercises designed to get them to discover, design and deliver a solution. Their focus was commendable, as they came up with solutions that could genuinely make a positive impact

When working with the students we highlighted the importance of bravery in design.

We encouraged fearlessness in exploring unconventional and creative ideas. Encouraging them not to feel bound by logistics and focus more on creativity.

It served as a positive reminder that, in the world of design and tech, thinking outside the box and embracing bold ideas can lead to truly unique solutions.

Students working on the task together
the students and teachers group photo

The collaboration with Vue opened up an opportunity for the students to engage with a realistic brief.

One that aligned with their existing knowledge and allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the creative process.

The added benefit of these students being within the target audience themselves, added a depth of understanding that fuelled their enthusiasm.

The attitude and outcomes displayed by these students, was really promising. It was great to see their passion and dedication. If they represent new leaders to come, the future of innovation will be in good hands.

Wishing the students at Ursuline High School all the best for their submission, and we can’t wait to see what they deliver in the future!

If you’d be interested in working with us on some grassroots initiatives, drop us a message.

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