As part of our ongoing spotlight series, we’re profiling colleagues who inspire us.

Ivelina is a QA Engineer based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She helps ensure the quality of our digital products and systems by creating test plans, identifying defects and collaborating with other teams to ensure that our work exceeds client requirements.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day starts with getting up to speed with on-going work, emails, tasks and meetings.

After that and in priority order I execute the most important tasks on my projects. We are a flexible and communicative group, so there are a few meetings here and there to ensure we are all on the same page and that everyone’s opinion is heard.


How did you get into this QA role?

I come from a healthcare background and really enjoy working with people, but it turns out that the step from healthcare to IT isn’t all that big.

At the end of the day it is related to resolving peoples problems.

The QA role itself was introduced by a friend of mine which really sparked my curiosity and interest. I hope one day to work on more healthcare related products in order to combine my passions.


Where do you take inspiration from?

I take a lot of inspiration from my coworkers and their experience. I am always eager to learn and expand my knowledge.

If I hear something new to me, I will research it to gain a better understanding. I am also not afraid of asking questions and experiment as I believe that is the best way to learn and grow in my role.

Additionally, I like to read industry publications, watch webinars and sign up for courses for the technologies that interest me. Overall, my inspiration comes from a combination of my colleagues, professional curiosity and a desire to stay ahead of the curve.


What’s the best thing about working with Athlon?

The best thing is definitely the people and the company culture.

I have the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented individuals who are not only great professionals but are also willing to answer questions and help out whenever I need a tip.

The company culture is also very supportive and welcoming, which provides a great working environment.

Another thing I really appreciate about Athlon is the opportunities for growth and development. The company encourages its employees to try new things and get involved in areas that interest them which is really motivating and helps us to stay engaged at work.

Overall, I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a great team and look forward to what the future holds at Athlon.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done was taking enough courage even after having invested more than 15 years in the healthcare industry, to switch my career path and join Athlon.

It was a daunting and challenging prospect that demanded much courage and fortitude.

However, I was determined to step out of my comfort zone, embrace a new challenge in an entirely different domain.”

— Ivelina Petrova, QA Engineer

Best advice for someone starting out in QA

My best advice for someone starting in a QA role is to be curious, not afraid of asking and searching and never stop learning. Do not pull away and concentrate only on work specific to yourself.

Communicate with your team members and other colleagues for work and daily stuff, you will be amazed how many new things you can learn and find more pleasure to work in a team if you are open to listen.

Develop a strong understanding of the testing product and the business goals behind it and always try to have good documentation.


What do you geek out on?

I love watching movies, reading books and playing video games…because I love getting lost in a good story.

Recently, I’ve discovered the joy of audiobooks, which have been a great way to multitask and enjoy a good book while doing other things.

What do you get up to when you’re not plugged in?

I love to get outdoors and be active. Hiking is one of my favorite activities and I try to do it as often as I can.

Together with my family and friends, we visit interesting places whether it’s a new city or a national park. I find that getting outside and being in nature is a great way to clear my mind and recharge my batteries.


What would your superpower be?

I would be far too tempted to do reckless things If I had any super powers, so I’d rather not have any 🙂

Working at Athlon means joining a team of people who want to create work that improves modern living. Do your best work here.

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