Korma brand identity

We deliver meaningful brand strategies and visual identities, spanning names and logos to verbal and visual guidelines for physical and digital environments.

User research, stakeholder interviews, competitive analyses and brand audits all help us arrive at a brand’s purpose and positioning, which we then bring to life through bold design concepts.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Communication Design

“Our work gives brands meaning, helping shape how they are perceived.”

— Ranzie Anthony, CEO, Athlon

“Athlon bring brand and design consistency across all of our channels.”

— Daniel Pickles, VP Marketing, LZ Labs

What is the impact
of Branding?

A brand may include a company’s name, logo, visual identity and messaging, however a brand’s value is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The emotional and practical responses that audiences develop towards a brand are triggered by fundamental creative elements.

A pretty good incentive to get them right.

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