Fintech Innovation:

How to drive innovation within financial services.

We chat all things Fintech innovation with Head of Innovation at Irish Bank PTSB, Tao Nadine Baker and Chief Marketing Officer at 365 Business Finance, Martin Kennington.


“I’d say to anyone actually seeking to drive innovation, to ring fence a team and give them the support at a board level, from the CEOs office and from a leadership perspective.”

— Tao Barker, Head of Innovation – PTSB

“We start by being totally customer centric, looking at the feedback we receive and where we can innovate.”

— Martin Kennington, Chief Marketing Officer – 365 Finance

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Ranzie Anthony

Founder & CEO

With over 20 years experience across strategy, brand and digital product, Ranzie helps our clients to launch new ventures that improve modern living and fuel business growth.

Kate Cargill

Consultant, Brand Experience

With 15 years of B2C brand and product experience and a MSc in Psychology, Kate helps companies predict, influence and navigate consumer behaviour.

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