An Immersive Historical Journey

Partner story – Museum of Military Medicine

Bringing history to life through immersive design

Founded in 1952, The Museum of Military Medicine tells the story of army medicine and healthcare, human and animal, from the English Civil War to the current day.

Their mission is to share the military’s extraordinary contribution towards advancing healthcare and act as a centre for discovery and inspiration.

The museum required a refreshed website and e-commerce experience to encourage visitation and support.


Digital Strategy
UX Design
UI Design

Website development

“The website was designed to mimic the journey through a museum, starting with the gallery, moving through to news and finally landing in the gift shop.”

— Victor Woode, Creative Director – Athlon

User-centric design

Emulating the familiar essence of a guidebook, we introduced a vertical navigation to the site.

Through extensive user testing we validated our bold approach to site navigation ensuring accessibility for the intended target audience.

“We pushed what Webflow is capable of to deliver a seamless shopping experience”

— Martin West, Technical Director – Athlon

We built a custom API with a bespoke packer algorithm that works out exact shipping for gift shop purchases, taking into consideration weight, package size and delivery speed.

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