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Partner story – Investec

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An award winning suite of digital touchpoints for the sponsorship activities of an international banking and wealth management group.

Investec is proud sponsor of a wide range of international sports and cultural organisations.

As a private bank they aim to deliver exceptional performance in a truly distinctive way. We partnered with them to create digital experiences that celebrate and nurture these values.



Product Strategy
UX Design
Design System

Website Development
Product Engineering

55m social media impressions.

Communicating performance

Digital is a key channel to demonstrate Investec’s ability to gain insights from data, and position themselves as an innovative brand. Beginning our relationship as their design partner, we created various digital experiences for their sponsorship activities.


Creativity with data

Our work ranged from creating a complementary live sports application that pulls in real-time data from Test Cricket matches, and flying a drone around a race track to bring to life the drama of the Epsom Derby.

Investec product design
Investec product design
Investec product design
Investec product design
Investec product design
Investec product design
Investec product design

“We’ve helped engage high net worth prospects and communicate an innate understanding of performance.”

— Daniel Henderson, Managing Partner, Athlon

Over the course of our relationship we’ve moved into the design of interactive reports, workflow software and online campaigns.

This includes online tools presenting interactive data insights on the fastest growing private companies in the UK.

Investec product design

“Athlon come at every creative challenge we’ve put their way with real intelligence, insight and belief.

Behind the warmth is some serious professionalism – they’re nimble enough to withstand changes in an FS environment, and have worked hard to keep us on track when we’ve wavered.

It’s genuinely a partnership. The creative is inspired, fully thought out, entirely context appropriate.”

— Shivarni Parmar, Global Head of User Experience, Investec

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