Digital human avatars

Partner story – Didimo

A pioneering app that showcases ‘digital humans’ that you can control with facial expressions.

Didimo is an exciting software start-up, whose platform creates user-generated digital humans at an enterprise scale.

Athlon was appointed to improve their showcase app experience, helping users better understand the product and its capabilities.


UX Design
Design System

Mobile Development
Unity and ARKit Integration

Explore a world of digital humans – at an enterprise scale.

Design challenge

Our goal was to increase engagement by providing a much better demonstration of what Didimo can offer to potential enterprise clients.

Through the planning phase, we gathered feedback on key issues within the current app experience, from poor loading times and unintuitive layouts to complexities derived from the multiple technical integrations.

“With the metaverse space growing at an exponential rate, Didimo are on an exciting journey and are at a pivotal point for growth.”

— Daniel Henderson, Managing Partner, Athlon

The redesigned app allows users to better explore the creation and utilisation of the digital human avatars whilst offering the option to delve deeper with step-by-step tutorials.

We designed a more intuitive user interface, encouraging users to more easily create their own demo Didimo avatar.

Technical challenge

We integrated with the Didimo Unity SDK and wrote a communication layer to extract the many innovative features.

The app has a live mode which harnesses the power of the newer iOS cameras and sensors. Our application read and transmitted all facial movements and expressions, communicating FaceTracking standards to manipulate the Didimo in real-time.


Our impact

There is nothing like an immersive demo to showcase a product. The new Didimo app allows potential clients to experience first hand how user-generated digital humans can be utilised within their business.

By showcasing the ease of creation and the scope of personalisation, Didimo is being increasingly adopted in immersive shop, work and play experiences.

“Athlon are a strong digital product team who are willing to both challenge and to listen to feedback to get to a great outcome.”

— Jim Franzen, Sales & Marketing and Director, Didimo

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