Design for the metaverse

Partner story – Double A Labs

Design for a multifunctional platform tailored for today’s hybrid business landscape, enabling co-workers to interact in real-time.

Our partnership with Double A Labs was nothing if not ambitious, setting out to reinvent the way business gets done.

We were tasked to build a visual identity and design a new product experience.

The result is a virtual space that supports effective communication and builds stronger relationships.



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Double A Labs product design
Double A Labs logo
Double A Labs product design

It’s like Miro meets YouTube meets Zoom meets the Metaverse.

In collaboration with Double A Lab’s Product Delivery Team, we first researched and defined the challenges around remote ways of working, including maintaining culture within a team.

One thing became clear: the virtual meeting room needed a reboot.

Double A Labs logo
Double A Labs brand identity
Double A Labs brand identity
Double A Labs brand identity
Double A Labs brand identity

“Metaverse experiences are less about the “visual experience” and should rather focus on better human interaction”

— Ranzie Anthony, CEO, Athlon

Double A Labs product design

We needed an experience that was engaging enough for B2C but also rigorous enough for B2B, with a vast array of uses – from teaching kids in a classroom, to jamming with friends at a concert.

In ‘Double Space’ we created somewhere users can natively broadcast video, conduct interviews, or just hang out together with spatial audio for a truly  immersive experience.

Double A Labs brand identity
Double A Labs product design

“If today’s web is about reading and writing, then web 3.0 is about real-time video and greater sensory experiences.

Imagine communities where you can connect with likeminded people and B2B is just as much fun as B2C.”

— Amber Allen, CEO, Double A Labs

Double A Labs product design

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