The Future of Learning

Partner story – Digital Museum of Learning

Brand building for the museum of the future

The Jacobs Foundation invests in the future of children so that they are given the education and learning opportunities they need to thrive.

As part of a Global Education Museums Initiative, the Foundation is embarking on an exciting project to reimagine the future of learning through a new virtual global museum.

We were commissioned to name and brand the new museum in a market dominated by non-traditional educators such as Google Arts & Culture and established mainstream museums.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines

UX Design
Design System

Designed to inspire educators, children and partner museums

A clear brand strategy

Our goal was to position the digital museum as an exciting and credible source of knowledge and educational support, setting them up for future growth and partnerships.

We defined a name that would clearly articulate the purpose of the platform while instilling trust.

Brand concept

Our brand concept took the form of building blocks. Not only a nod to the iconic children’s toy, but in recognition that knowledge is built over time, layers of understanding that rely on the stable foundation of bricks below them.

Modern digital-first brands have to work across media channels, so we created a flexible logo design system of interlocking bricks. This allows for playful adaptation across assets, media and partner environments.

“The brand identity assets are elegant, playful and versatile. They perfectly reflect our values and vision.”

— Daniela Lozza,, Program Manager and Curator – Jacobs Foundation

We introduced a palette of bold primary colours, synonymous with childhood education, along side vibrant patterns that convey movement and playful interaction.

“The entire process Athlon went through to create our branding was incredibly efficient and enjoyable.

We were deeply impressed by the balance they struck between operational efficiency and creativity.

To best understand our vision and needs, while we are overseas, the Athlon team conducted fun, interactive and highly productive online workshops.

The project management and the design process were rigorously conducted, on time and on budget.”

— Hanna Woodhead, Programme Manager & Curator – Jacobs Foundation

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